Dokan v3.10.0 – Woocommerce WordPress Plugin

Dokan v3.10.0 – Woocommerce WordPress Plugin

Dokan Pro offers you the capability to create a robust multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce platform using WordPress. With Dokan Business, you can swiftly establish marketplace sites akin to eBay or Etsy.

Highlighted Features of Dokan Pro WordPress Plugin include:

  • Establishment of a Marketplace with Independent Stores
  • Support for Multiple Product Types
  • Compatibility with any WooCommerce-Compatible Theme
  • Frontend Dashboard Tailored for Vendors
  • Revenue Generation from Each Sale
  • Comprehensive Store Insights with Reports and Statements
  • Effective Coupon Management System
  • Elegant Storefronts to Elevate Brand Image
  • Enhanced Product Reviews to Augment Brand Value
  • Convenient Order Management on-the-go
  • Streamlined Review Product Publishing Process
  • Effortless Withdrawal System for Vendors
  • Monitoring of Vendor Profile Completeness
  • Seamless SEO Management for Store Pages
  • Empowerment for Vendors to Configure Their Store Settings
  • Flexible Setup for Vendor Payment Methods
  • Integration of Social Profiles for Vendors
  • Shipping Management Options for Each Store
  • Inclusion of Order and Earnings Widgets on the Vendor Dashboard
  • Simplified Customer Refunding Process

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